The Life of a Music Artist

What Does it Take to Be a Music Artist?

Music artists spend most of their time outside the studio, booking shows and promoting their recordings. Their job requires immense sensitivity, critical thinking, flexibility, independence, and drive.

A pioneer of industrial metal, this Cleveland band’s songs channel human emotion through abrasive drum ‘n’ bass and euphoric house keyboard stabs.


Music genres are broad classifications used to describe a type of music and its stylistic attributes. Each genre has its own sub-genres which have their own sub-sub-genres. For instance, electronic music has multiple sub-genres including dubstep, trance and house music. Click on any genre to find musicians and hear examples of their music.


Hip-hop is a style of music that uses rap, rhyme and beatboxing to create a distinctive rhythmic sound. Some famous hip-hop artists include Eminem, Snoop Dogg and the Beastie Boys.

Alternative rock

The term alternative rock describes a style of music that incorporates elements from other genres like pop, country and folk to create a unique musical sound. Alternative rock artists include The Rolling Stones, Nirvana and Michael Jackson.


Music artists create, record, and perform their own original musical works. They often collaborate with other musicians and producers to broaden their creative horizons. Building connections within the industry helps them gain exposure and secure opportunities. Artists are also responsible for promoting and marketing their brand, which involves creating a recognizable persona and image that resonates with audiences. They are also responsible for managing their finances, which involves monitoring revenue streams from music sales, streaming, and live performances.


Like any other art form, music requires skill and training. It also demands a certain amount of individual creativity and vision. Musicians and singers use the tools of their trade to craft something with intrinsic value that reflects their own personal experience, worldview, or perspective on the human condition.

Musicians perform in a variety of settings, from small concerts to large stadiums. Their work responsibilities include rehearsing, coordinating with backup performers and recording tracks in the studio, and delivering engaging performances on stage. They also engage in music promotion and marketing, building a brand that resonates with their audience.

Some musicians focus on specific genres, such as folk music or rock. Others develop a broader appeal, such as pop stars who create music with catchy melodies and accessible lyrics. Artists often experiment with new sounds and genres to stay relevant in the music industry. They may also collaborate with other artists to expand their reach and generate revenue.

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